iPhone 15 Pro Max Natural Titanium 🍏 Aesthetic Unboxing & first Impression + Accessories + set up


This year my husband shift from Andriod to IOS after 13 years. He is very excited to have the new iPhone 15 Pro Max as he had pre-ordered it on the launching day. It took us 3 weeks for delivery.

This is also our first online purchase ever from the apple website. So we were very happy to experience the process from placing the order, tracking the delivery till they day we finally received the package.

Timestamps :

0:00 Preview
0:16 Unboxing
3:08 Accessories
4:43 Set up
7:24 Closer Look
8:00 iPhone 15 Pro Camera Upgrades
9:16 Physical Comparison
10:46 Camera Test iPhone 15 Pro vs 13 Pro