Procreate Dreams – The Ultimate 2D Animation app for iPad


I haven’t been so excited for a long time. Procreate has developed a new app called Procreate Dreams. The ultimate 2D animation app. Yesterday they announced this new app that will be available on November 22 2023. In this video I will go over all the features.
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I was waiting for the release of Procreate 6, but I was in for a surprise when they announced this new app called Procreate Dreams. The presentation was done in the style of an Apple Event.

When the ceo of Procreate started with a quote by Walt Disney, I hoped that Procreate would come with new 2D animation features. But Savage Interactive have built an entire new app.
Procreate Dreams, that will be released on November 22nd, 2023. For a one app purchase of $19.99.

With Procreate Dreams you can:-Draw frame by frame animation using a Flipbook.
-Animate with keyframes and use onion skinning
Use Live and non-destructive effects.
Use a timeline with multiple layers. You can zoom in and out really fast.
Use a stage to set the scene
Have real-time rendering
Animate fonts
Import your Procreate file and start animating
Import sound and edit it
Import video and use it in your animation
Edit all of your scenes
Backup your files in iCloud
Use a screen size of 1 million pixels by 1 million pixels.
You can use all of the brushes in Procreate to start animating.

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Drawing is fun and practice makes perfect. Doodles!

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