Robert Fripp – Affirmation: IMAC (Love Cannot Bear: Soundscapes (Live In The USA))


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Love cannot bear that even one soul be denied its place in Paradise.

”Soundscape performances, typically, visit several moods, areas of reflection, consideration & personal interest. Affirmations, statements & declarations of faith that the creation is benevolent (despite all evidence to the contrary) are, in these Soundscape settings, mainly diatonic. As such, they are often easier listening than the atonal, polytonal & chromatic music of other Soundscape areas.” – Robert Fripp

Love Cannot Bear presents Soundscapes at their most accessible and contains the best of these improvisations from performances recorded in North America, from as far back as 1983, including at the World Financial Centre in 2000, and concluding with a series of live performances in the US in 2005.

Soundscapes – consisting of improvised guitar solos played through a variety of electronic processors and sound modules – have been the primary focus of Fripp’s solo performances since the 1990s. The early generations of Soundscapes were presented via a quintet of albums released by DGM between 1994 and 1996. There have been many memorable Soundscapes concerts in the interim period, allowing the sound world and approach to the work to evolve substantially. As well as the ongoing series of individual concerts, Robert has played as part of the sell-out G3 tours of Europe and South America with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai in 2004, with Porcupine Tree in the US in 2005 and in a series of warmly received concerts at the Big Chill festival in the UK.

Music performed and composed by Robert Fripp
Produced by The Vicar & Robert Fripp

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