Run Windows 11 ARM for FREE on M1 Macs! UTM (3.0.0) VM alternative to Parallels and VMWare


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► Windows on M1 Mac Tutorial:

Updated video for Windows 11 ARM on UTM 4 here:

Let’s Connect You Fix (No Internet) Windows 11 ARM Install M1 Mac – UTM, VMware:

This is a quick video showing how to install Windows 11 ARM on the M1 Mac using the open source application UTM 3.0.0. I explore some of the issues with installing using UTM 2.4.1 which is very buggy when installing Windows 11 ARM. However the method I outline is much more reliable and I have tested this on two different Macs. I also test out Fallout 2 running through UTM, the software runs but more demanding games won’t perform as well.

► Links:
UTM GitHub – download 3.0.0:
Windows 11 ARM download:
UTM 2.4.1 issues:
Spice Guest Tools:

► Convert VHDX to QCOW2 instructions:
1) Visit:
2) Open Terminal
3) Enter command: brew install qemu
4) Run: qemu-img convert -p -O qcow2 (path) (path, rename .vhdx to .qcow2)

► Resources:
Master M1 game compatibility list:

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M1 game benchmark requests – please leave a comment below.
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► Timestamps:
00:00 Virtual machine software costs money
01:01 UTM is FREE and open source
01:38 Download UTM 3.0.0
02:16 Setup VM in UTM
02:35 Download Windows 11 ARM Insider Preview
03:25 Optional: convert VHDX to QCOW2
03:59 Homebrew install
05:19 qemu install
05:28 Convert to QCOW2
06:38 Setup QCOW2 with UTM
06:50 Setup VM in UTM
07:46 Install Windows 11 ARM
08:35 Spice Guest Tools (network, graphics drivers)
09:23 Fixing resolution
10:36 Sharing folder
11:13 Gaming test: Steam and Fallout 2
12:07 Is UTM an alternative to Parallels?

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