Sonos Ace vs Apple Airpods Max vs Sony WH1000-XM5 vs Bose QC Ultra ANC test


I was surprised by the outcome of this test. My expectations for Sonos Active Noise Cancellation performance was not very high given that they are new to this. They did manage to score very well against the competition and at least to me, the ANC was the best for the Sonos ACE.

Noise cancellation is a compromise. Sometimes a manufacturer wants to focus on higher frequencies and some want to cut out the lower frequency. So your use case may differ from mine. I have used them in a variety of situations, including walks around the neighbourhood park, office space and very soon a plane… I think they fit me well.

I can’t say it will 100% work for you but this video should have the test to give you the best info to decide. Ultimately, you should test it out at a store to see if it works for you.

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