The APPLE WATCH is the BEST Apple product EVER MADE – Apple’s Secret Mission to Save Your Life


Apple’s Secret Mission: TO SAVE YOUR LIFE
“An iPod, a phone, an internet communicator" – That is how Steve Jobs introduced us to the iPhone. Now the Apple Watch is aiming to save your life.
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Footage used:
Steve Jobs introduces first iPhone
5 things that inspire Tim Cook
Tim Cook walks with iPhone line
Apple announced first Apple Watch
Steve Jobs “goodbye" speech
Tim Cook takes selfies with fans during iPhone 14 launch
Steve Jobs last appearance in front of city counsel
How Apple Watch is made
Apple September Event (2020)
Apple September Event (2023)
Introducing Apple Watch Series 9

Steve Jobs announces first iPad
Tim Cook surprises on Ellen
Casey Neistat iPhone xX vlog
Apple October Event (2023)