The Best Apps & Accessories for the iPhone 15 Pro – What I Never Go Without


#iPhone15 #iphone15pro #iphone15promax Technology can be overwhelming, but having the right apps and accessories for your iPhone 15 Pro will make your life easier. In this video, I’ll show you what I never go without—the best apps that maximize the potential of the new Pro phone and must-have accessories to enhance your experience.

00:00 – Intro
00:22 – Nomad Modern Leather Case
01:57 – Spigen Screen Protector
02:10 – Software Differences/Similarities
03:07 – Nomad Universal Kevlar Cable
04:46 – Anker Magnetic Phone Grip
05:42 – Belkin iPhone Camera Mount
06:42 – Moment Tripod Mount
08:00 – Oura Ring
10:01 – Emphasis
11:15 – Flighty
13:03 – Shortcuts

Products Mentioned in the Video

Nomad Modern Leather Case –
Spigen Screen Protector –
Nomad Universal Kevlar Cable –
Anker Magnetic Phone Grip –
Belkin iPhone Camera Mount –
Moment Tripod Mount –

Apps Mentioned in the Video
Oura Ring –
Emphasis –
Flighty –
Shortcuts –

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