The Perfect M4 iPad Pro Travel EDC


The M4 iPad Pro has been an awesome piece of hardware. I love everything about it, from the build to the modularity and all the awesome accessories you can pair it with. Here are some of my favorite M4 iPad Pro accessories, travel edition.

M4 iPad Pro:
Magic Keyboard:
Apple Pencil:
Waterfield Shinjuku Messenger: WOOLNUT leather folio iPad Pro Carrying Case:
Sonos Ace:
Woolnut headphone Carrying Case:
T7 Shield:
ProtoArc USB C Wireless Mouse:
Raycon Magic Power Bank Slim:
Raycon 5 in 1 Magic Power Bank:
Paperlike Cleaning Kit

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## Chapters

0:00 – M4 iPad Pro EDC Accessories
0:39 – Shinjuku Messenger
1:50 – Woolnut Leather Folio for iPad
3:08 – M4 iPad Pro 13in
3:18 – Apple Pencil Pro
3:22 – Magic Keyboard
3:29 – Paperlike Pencil Grip
3:50 – Woolnut AirPods Max Case
4:30 – Sonos Ace
5:42 – ProtoArc Hub Mouse
6:57 – Magic Power Bank 5 in 1
8:57 – Magic Power Bank Slim
10:10 – SAmsung T7 Shield SSD
11:10 – Paperlike Cleaning Kit
11:35 – Final take
12:03 – EverForward Bag
12:11 – What was your favorite?

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