These Accessories Will Let You Maximize Your Delta Emulator Experience


I have been loving the new Delta emulator for iOS. It’s been amazing reliving my childhood on my iPhone for FREE. But I wanted to really maximize it by including some accessories into the flow!

Products in video
Aulumu MagSafe battery Stand:
Xbox Controller:
Moga Controller:
Backbone Controller:
Zeera iPhone Case with Stand:
Casekoo iPhone Case with Stand:
Apple TV 4K:
USB-C hub:

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Products I recommend:
Aulumu A15 Case: (Code ‘9to5’)
Andar Aspen Case:
Spigen C1 Case:
Andar Mag Wallet:
Aulumu M03 MagSafe Battery: (Code ‘9to5’)
CalDigit Tuff Nano SSD: ($140 off!)
Dockcase 8 in 1 USB-C Hub:
Kuxiu X55 3 in 1: Code ‘9to5’)

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## Chapters

0:00 – What is Delta Emulator
1:18 – What Consoles are supported?
1:40 – Why you want a Bluetooth Controller
2:16 – MFi Controller Recommendations
3:30 – Battery Life hit
4:06 – M03 Magsafe Battery
4:48 – Zeera & Casekoo Kickstand Case
5:12 – AirPods Pro
5:45 – Apple TV 4K
7:25 – USBC Hub
8:25 – Final Thoughts
8:40 – Will this last?

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