THIS Apple Sheep WON’T WATCH “Let Loose” Event*


Apple has their first May event since the first iMac was released back in 1998 next week, and we’re expecting iPad Pro, iPad Air, yet another new Apple Pencil, M4’s potential debut and new, premium iPad accessories, as well as the international rollout of Apple’s Vision Pro. But I, for one won’t be watching it….*

That’s right, sorry friends but I won’t be live streaming before and after this one, as the odd timing this time around means I’ll be working in London at the time… so my plan is to watch it as soon as I can get out of the office and probably make a video from the hotel. Or maybe even film it out and about in London, as I’ll be right by Tower Bridge, so as long as the weather isn’t… well like London, maybe you’ll get scenery.

But already this week, we’ve had new Apple products released! Well, Apple adjacent at least, in the new Beats Solo 4. Much like the entirely confusing and even ahead of next week’s event, too big Apple Pencil lineup, Beats seem to have put on a blindfold and picked some headphone features out of a hat to create these. So you’ll get Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking, but they won’t pause audio when you take them off like every pair of AirPods ever has. They have Find My built in, and will one-touch pair with all your devices, but no active noise cancellation. But you can plug them in to a headphone jack, if you remember what those look like, and even if the 50 hour battery has run out, you can listen regardless. And unlike Apple’s $550 AirPods Max, over that cable, you can listen to lossless music over jack or USB-C, for just $199. They even come with a case, and it doesn’t look like a funny bra. Honestly they sound pretty great – I may grab some when they inevitably get some huge reductions in a month or so. Let me know if you want to see a review.

Next up, now we’ve seen Rabbit R1 get essentially the same reviews as the Humane Pin of “basically not really a useful thing, yet” but at a much better price, I’ve been starting to wonder if one of the rumours we heard about AirPods with a camera. The big problem so far is that there seems to be little that these dedicated AI devices can do, or have even been teased to do in future that your phone probably couldn’t in an app. There’s nothing special about the hardware or form factor that makes them truly better for their function. But perhaps in an AirPod or some kind of smart glasses, paired to the phone that, lets be honest you’ll still be carrying anyway, these functions could be better translated with a bit more power in the back end. So far, these AI devices have offloaded everything to the cloud, but the next iPhone and Mac chip generations seem to be focused on processing on device, not offloading every request. And even when they do need to offload, it will be over the fast connection your phone already has. So, suddenly this makes a bit more sense.

But, before we get to your questions, if you’ve not already subscribed, I simplify Apple so everything just works for you, so capacitively tap that button, no need to smash. I’ll wait. Just long enough for it to get awkward. Okay then.

#iCaveAnswers So, Apple is boosting the neutral net section of the M series chips. Any idea what new apps they are doing this to implement/improve? Also neural nets are known to need a lot of memory to function well; any speculation about a base model DRAM bump to 12 or 16Gigs?

#iCaveAnswers Do You think the M2 ultra mac pro might get “sunsetted" @ WWDC and the studio would only get the latest and greatest henceforth ?

#ICAVEANSWERS the apple tv has not been updated since 500 days and the iphone se has not been updated to a new design since 600 to 700 days and when will apple update them to a new design and a new generation??

#icaveanswers Hey Dave! I saw something about Apple adopting an SKU for on device AI “plug-ins”, but am not at all confident of the source. Have you heard anything similar? Seems like the digital assistant I’ve waited for my entire life might be around the corner.

#ICAVEANSWERS what if apple and other tech companies that makes phones, tablets, laptops and desktops started to use magsafe 3.0 from the m3 macbook air and m3 pro macbook pro??

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