Tracked Quest Accessories! Cheaper Quest 3, Vision Pro 2 Suspended & Tons More!


In today’s video, I will be getting you guys up to date on the last week of AR & VR News! First of all, I would like to thank our sponsor though:

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The first thing we will talk about is cheaper refurbished Quest 3s being available directly on Meta’s website, after this, we will talk about new tracked accessories coming to the Quest lineup, as well as Augments apparently being delayed and rebuilt from the ground up! The Apple Vision Pro has started selling in more countries and will soon be coming to countries in the EU, as well as ALVR now also being available on the Vision Pro app store, meaning you can play PCVR on the Vision Pro officially! We also have info on Apple suspending work on the Vision Pro 2 as well as Gorilla Tag having millions of active players! I hope you enjoy this one 😀

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0:00 Intro
0:11 Our Lovely Sponsor
1:41 Official Refurbished Quest 3s
2:34 First Tracked Quest Accessory
4:39 Quest Augments Delayed
6:08 Quest Pro 2 In The Works
7:56 Vision Pro In More Countries
8:39 Wireless PC VR Now On Vision Pro App Store
9:52 Apple Suspends Work On Vision Pro 2
11:47 Millions Of Gorilla Tag Players
12:53 Outro

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