TRiCK or TREAT with Adley Niko & Navey!! Dracula Dad’s Haunted House challenge diy halloween routine


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HEY EVERYBODY!! It’s Halloween time again, and you know what that means! It’s time to trick or treat at Dracula’s Haunted House again!! Every year it is the scariest house to trick or treat at but we do it because we are brave and they always have the best candy! We are bringing Navey along this time, and she looked SO cute in her little unicorn costume, Niko wore a banana suit, and I was a butterfly! This year Dracula Dad had even more challenges ready for us to try! The first challenge was called a monster mash challenge! It was in the mummy room and we had to pretend to be a bunch of different types of monsters! First was a zombie, then a spider, then a mummy, and finally a vampire.. just like Dracula Dad! We passed that challenge easy peasy so it was on the the next room where there was an evil scientist waiting for us. She was making all kinds of experiments and told us that we can get some candy if we can beat her at a game of follow the cup! Under 1 of the cups she put some candy, but under all of the other cups were gross things like spiders, zombie eyeballs, and even a finger! After we beat that challenge we had to go to the next room, but we could see a purple glow coming from the door so we had a feeling it was going to be Rainbow Ghosts! When we went inside it was even worse than I expected.. there was portal goo everywhere that we had to clean up to pass the challenge! We had to be really careful because it was a small room with: Blue wanting marshmallows, Green watching our every move, Pink just dancing, and purple sleeping on the bed. We barely managed to clean up all the portal good before we had to RUN out of the room so we didn’t get caught! The last room was in the basement dungeon with Witch Mom. She wanted to test her newly brewed potions on us, but she offered us candy if we tested them for her! I tried the first potion and it turned me into a cheetah or something becuase I was running so fast and had TONS of energy! Niko tested the next potion and he started to move really slow and climb the walls like a chameleon man. Then Navey tried a potion and turned into a monkey.. she even tried to eat Niko because he had a banana suit on and she thought he was a real banana! Luckily I found a potion that could turn us all back into humans, and we sat down on the couch for the final challenge, we had to watch the SCARIEST show ever (kinda) It was our Halloween cartoon from last year.. but while we were watching it Me, Niko, and Navey escaped!

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