Ultimate Review: TwelveSouth Apple Accessories – Are They Worth It?


twelvesouth has been a brand that I’ve admired and appreciated for a long long time, ever since I worked in Apple retail as a Genius many years ago their products were always the benchmark but also a little too expensive for me. That being said, the quality was built too last and it seemed to never let you down. Today is a full circle moment where after years of work in the Youtube space I received the twelve south HiRise 3, Book Arc Curve, Book Arc Flex, Deskpad & Action Bands for my return to the gym!

All up these accessories cost over $500AUD and so it begs the question, is it worth it and would you rather get generic alternatives and save a buck? It’s all down to what you value more really? Money or quality and I’m stuck in the middle..

Would love to know what you guys think? Let me know!

Checkout TwelveSouth here: https://www.twelvesouth.com

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See you guys in the next one!