Unboxing and Comparing all three Apple Pencils

Apple Pencil,iPad

Officially my first ever unboxing review video, I have noticed that the ring light is causing issues in terms of reflections, I am in the process of getting box lighting to see if that makes it better next time. The USB-C Apple Pencil is one of the most confusing products Apple has released leaving me scratching my head. Maybe in the spring 2024 Apple Event the iPad 11th gen will have magnets added on the side for the USB-C Apple Pencil whereas it would make a lot more sense. Only time will tell.

0:00 Intro
0:59 Apple Pencil 1st Gen Unboxing
1:37 Apple Pencil USB-C Unboxing
2:42 What’s New?
3:10 Apple Pencil 1st Gen Review
4:19 Apple Pencil 2nd Gen Review
5:08 Apple Pencil USB-C Review
6:28 Final Thoughts