Used Apple Macbook at great discount. #techshorts #technology


Used Apple Macbook at great discount. #techshorts #technology

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Hey guys, our education system is designed in a very theoretical way, but the world runs on a very practical way. May be this is the reason why 2% of the population still holds 98% of the world’s wealth.

Post my MBA, it took me years of job and business experience to learn the 5 secrets of money, which I was taught no-where. Rather the world has been designed in such a way, that we been told exactly the opposite things.

Hence, with aim to help others achieving their dreams faster and not go to the same struggle which I gone through, in this particular book, I had uncovered the first and the foremost lies we been told the entire our life. “Focus on One”.

In this book, I had revealed why it is a lie, explained with Real life Case studies, Mathematical and Scientific Principles, Graphs and also with Personal examples, that how Successful people do exactly the opposite.

So, whether you are a business person, job holder or a home runner, this book will open your eyes to the unlimited potential you can explore, without changing your current work status and will give you the sure shot result which if measured by the amount of income, can lead to minimum 2x-3x of your current situation, like it did to me.

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