Why Apple is DUMB


Why does Apple keep doing this?!
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Produced by Kinsey
Edited by Aron Goodall: https://twitter.com/arongoodall

Chapter Titles
0:00 Hello and Welcome
0:25 This could have been an email…
1:04 Apple is for GAMERS
2:07 AAA Titles are COMING
3:08 The Long-term Goal
4:07 Apple Silicon is good enough for gaming
4:59 Soundcore Motion X500
6:29 Throw some money around
7:42 Apple’s Concern
8:45 The Trojan Horse
9:40 iPhone is CHEAPER
10:35 iPhone needs to level up
11:45 Too many Macbooks
12:50 The NEW lineup
13:53 What do you think?