Why the iPhone 15 is Easy to Break


The Newest iPhone is Way Easier to Break, Even Though It’s Made from Titanium.

So with your thumbs, you can break the Pro Max pretty easily. Most people find this surprising. Cuz the 15 Pro’s titanium is the same that spacecraft use for missions to Mars. And it’s as strong as steel, even though it’s 45% lighter. But I studied engineering, so this was not a huge surprise.

Here’s the 3 main reasons why. The last one

3. Strength. The grade 5 titanium has 3 times more “tensile strength" than the old aluminium. Which means it takes 3 times as much stress to cause titanium to fail. But this doesn’t make the glass stronger.

2. Elasticity. The grade 5 titanium has half the elasticity. Which means titanium is easy to stretch, while having it return to the original shape. Unfortunately, glass doesn’t stretch.

1. Coincidence. Conveniently, this is the first iPhone with easily replaceable back glass. Apple can get you a new one for just $200 dollars.

But still,



Tensile Strength