AirPod Accessories That Actually Make Sense!


The Airpods Pro, aside from the iPhone, has been my most used Apple Product. Everything about it just works, from the noise cancellation to the auto-switching between devices and so much more. I wanted to share some of my favorite Airpods Pro accessories that I use daily!

Products in video:
Aulumu A09 Case:
KeyBudz Aircare Cleaning kit 2.0:
KeyBudz Hyper Foam Tips:
Kuxiu X61 CHarger:
Satechi Airpods Pro Charger:
Aulumu Magsafe Battery Pack:
Rolling Square InCharge:

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Products I recommend:
Aulumu A15 Case: (Code ‘9to5’)
Andar Aspen Case:
Spigen C1 Case:
Andar Mag Wallet:
Aulumu M03 MagSafe Battery: (Code ‘9to5’)
CalDigit Tuff Nano SSD: ($140 off!)
Dockcase 8 in 1 USB-C Hub:
Kuxiu X55 3 in 1: Code ‘9to5’)

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## Chapters

0:00 – Our Most Used Apple product
0:44 – AirPods Accessories
1:20 – Which AirPods Im using
1:40 – AirPods Pro Cases
2:10 – Aulumu A09 AirPods Case
3:20 – Cleaning AirPods Pro
3:34 – KeyBudz Aircare Cleaning Kit
4:01 – Dirty AirPods Pro (Skip if you NEED to)
4:11 – Clean AirPods
4:52 – KeyBudz HyperFoam Tips
6:34 – Charging AirPods Explanation
7:42 – Charging AirPods with Apple Watch Charger
8:03 – Kuxiu X61 Apple Watch Charger
8:52 – Satechi AirPods Charger
9:28 – Aulumu Magsafe Battery pack
10:03 – Rolling Square inCHarge
10:55 – Final Thoughts

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