Apple IFC Mall, Central | Apple Flagship Store in Hong Kong


International Finance Center, 8 Finance Street, Central Hong Kong
Located at 8 Finance Street, Central Hong Kong, the inaugural Apple store in Hong Kong opened its doors within the IFC Mall on September 23, 2011. Apple enthusiasts have since been treated to a distinctive shopping ambiance spread across two floors, which later expanded to three in 2016. The flagship boasts a delicate design that incorporates ample space, natural light, and glass elements, ensuring a delightful and enjoyable shopping experience.

The first floor serves as a dedicated showcase for the entire spectrum of Apple products, ranging from the iconic iPhone to the cutting-edge iPad Pro. On the second floor, customers can not only try out various products but also personalize their devices in the designated personal setup area. The second floor also features a unique signature glass staircase that adds to the visual allure of the store.

With approximately 300 employees and salespersons, the Apple IFC Mall store is well-staffed to assist customers in choosing the right gadgets or accessories. Whether you are a seasoned Apple aficionado or a first-time buyer, this flagship store stands out as the ultimate destination for the finest Apple Store shopping experience in Hong Kong.

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