Apple Watch vs Garmin (Don’t Make This Mistake)

Apple Watch

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Apple Watch vs Garmin from a high level perspective. I answer which one I think is the best fitness tracker and smart watch for running, cycling, and swimming. More about the fitness needs and less lifestyle needs. Which watch will I use as my primary device for my Marathon?

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** Timecodes **
00:00 – Apple Watch vs Garmin
00:48 – Start Workout
03:36 – Battery Life
06:15 – Thank You Shopify
07:34 – Hardware Integration
10:07 – Custom Workouts
12:37 – GPS Accuracy
14:52 – HR Accuracy
15:58 – View Data While Working Out
18:14 – Accidental Presses & Touch Screens
19:34 – Strap, Water, Sweat Bands
20:44 – Sleep & Training Insights
22:36 – Strava Integration
24:49 – Final Thoughts

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