iPhone 15 Pro Max Accessories – MagSafe & AirPod 3rd Generation Aesthetic Unboxing + Set up


10 days following after my husband got his iPhone 15 Pro Max, he went to Apple store to buy MagSafe and AirPod 3rd generation. I was shock when he reached home holding white shopping bag on his hand. Meanwhile, he happily said that he wants to be an Apple product user to the fullest. So, I decided to make another unboxing video. Here you can see how I set up the MagSafe and AirPod 3rd generation to my husband’s new iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Thanks for watching! I hope you can find this video useful 🙂

Chapters :

00:00 Preview
00:31 MagSafe Unboxing
01:50 Attaching MagSafe to iPhone 15 Pro Max
02:43 AirPod 3rd Generation Unboxing
04:08 AirPod 3rd Generation Set up