iPhone 15 Pro USB-C Accessories… Didn’t Expect THIS!!


With the iPhone 15 Pro coming with a USB-C port now, I was curious to see what devices would work with it being plugged in, I tested over 9 different devices and the results were surprising.

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Product Links ( Affiliate )
External SSD
Samsung T7 1TB – https://geni.us/IPeS
Samsung T7 Shield 1TB – https://geni.us/rdqzKT
Crucial X6 1TB – https://geni.us/xnF8
Western Digital 1TB – https://geni.us/ZMq9RXt
Kingston XS2000 1TB – https://geni.us/JwtOy

SD Card
Sandisk Extreme PRO 1TB – https://geni.us/vnEC
Sandisk Extreme Pro 512GB – https://geni.us/3jI5h
Sandisk Extreme 512GB – https://geni.us/PuxOP
Sandisk Extreme Pro 256GB – https://geni.us/8DpWy1

USB-C Storage Hub
Acasis 10 in 1 USB- C Hub – https://geni.us/94CNAGc

SD Card Reader
UGreen USB-C Reader – https://geni.us/LRP5mn
Anker SD Card Reader – https://geni.us/nTcwV

Joby Wavo Pod – https://geni.us/dkgJ

OBSBOT Tiny 2 – https://geni.us/EWUE

External Display
ESR 1080p Portable Display – https://geni.us/ng506J
UPERFECT 4K Portable Display – https://geni.us/BoWNfg

Nuphy Halo65 – https://geni.us/c1FYAT

USB-C Adapter
UGreen USB-C Adapter – https://geni.us/Cf356bo

ChubbyCable – https://geni.us/Alku
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CaseKoo Magic Stand – https://geni.us/mRrvDX
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