iPhone 16 First Look! EARLY Leaks & Rumors!


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The iPhone 16 is set to be a refund version of Apple’s 2023 flagship, and I think it looks great. Enjoy these exclusive renders summarizing all the leaks and rumors we’ve heard so far! Thanks to @ConceptCentral and images available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FawOBnKaT_-c9yi5gb8sLD05ItbNjp6O?usp=share_link

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0:00 iPhone 16 Pro design
0:57 New display
2:27 Capture button
3:31 My iPhone case
4:34 Haptic buttons
5:45 Battery leaks
7:10 New AI features
8:02 Camera upgrades
9:33 iPhone 16 prototypes
11:43 Final thoughts