M4 iPad Pro 2024 + M2 iPad Air hands on!


Today Apple unveiled the brand new 2024 M4 iPad Pro 11″ and 13″ alongside the M2 iPad Air 11″ and new 13″ size for less savvy or non “Pro" users. They also launched two new accessories alongside these new tablets: a redesigned 2024 Magic Keyboard for the Pro exclusively. It’s designed sort of like the bottom half of a MacBook and is crafted out of aluminum with a larger trackpad and function row. We also got a brand new Apple Pencil Pro with more capabilities built in. I got a few minutes with devices/accessories and managed to capture some nice footage of everything! I hope you enjoy, subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already 🙂

SKYLINE II / my new wallpaper pack!

SKYLINE / my original (mobile) wallpaper pack!

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0:00-0:15: intro
0:15-1:00: new iPad Airs
1:00-3:25: new iPad Pros
3:25-4:08: new Magic Keyboard!
4:08-5:08: new Apple Pencil “Pro"
5:08-5:17: Final Cut + Logic updates
5:17-5:30: final thoughts