Aesthetic iPhone magsafe cases & Galaxy S24U phone cases 🎀 cute accessories | CaseBang back cover


Hello! I am excited to show you the new iPhone 15 pro and Samsung S24 ultra cases from @CaseBang_official 🎀
These magnetic cases are super cool because now you can easily swap the back design with a simple click! Thank you CaseBang for sending these to try ☺️ The cases are very good quality and there are so many cute designs. Check out the website below!

Product link:

CaseBang website:

Clear magsafe phone grip (Amazon US)

Clear magsafe phone grip (Amazon Canada)

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00:00 Preview
00:14 Intro
00:50 Unboxing
01:23 iPhone 15 pro accessory unboxing
04:29 Testing MagSafe grip durability
05:21 Galaxy S24 ultra accessory unboxing
06:43 Closing


[ᴅᴀɴɪ.ʜᴢ] ILLIT(아일릿) – Magnetic (ver. lo-fi)

[ᴅᴀɴɪ.ʜᴢ] TWS(투어스) – 첫 만남은 계획대로 되지 않아

[ᴅᴀɴɪ.ʜᴢ] TAEYEON (태연) – To. X (ver. lo-fi)