study vlog📓note-taking, cafe study, ipad accessories haul, & handmade mugs!


♥ hello there!
first of all, i wanted to say hello to you all cuz i am back uploading vlogs! in this vlog, i show you a cafe study, doing school project, buying cute flowers, unboxing ipad accessories, note takings, reviewing for government, changing my ipads screen protector, showing my last batch of pottery pieces🥲. i hope you enjoy this vlog!

have a nice day/night!
love, andiee♥

-ˋˏESR iPad accessories

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♬ music used;
newjeans – bubble gum (bossanova ver)
txt – deja vu lofi
shushubobo – lazy day, my vlog
illit – midnight fiction (dani.hz)

☏ social media
business email:​⁠
instagram: @andiee_boop

➳ *faqs;* get to know me!
name: andrea! (my nickname is andie)
age: 18 (born in ‘05)
ethnicity: filipina
i live in: texas, USA
note taking app: goodnotes
filming: iphone 13
editing: capcut, picsart, phonto

✮ tags;
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