Top 7 iPhone 15 Accessories to Skip!


I go through a TON of accessories. I’d guess about a 1/3 of what I buy actually makes it into my videos. So here’s 7 iPhone accessories that I’d stay away from because they’re either a waste of money or just not useful.

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Here’s a summary of the products I’d stay away from:

Non MagSafe Cases

-Many non-MagSafe cases lack extra functionality.
-They may be chosen for aesthetic reasons or budget concerns.
-However, investing in MagSafe accessories offers long-term benefits.

Cases with Built-in Screen Protectors

-They often trap debris, risking screen scratches.
-iPhone’s Ceramic Shield is already impact-resistant.
-Only exception: waterproof cases, where built-in protectors are essential.

Normal Qi Chargers

-MagSafe compatible phones should prioritize MagSafe chargers for optimal charging.
-With MagSafe, alignment ensures max charging speeds.
-Non-MagSafe may be cheaper, but often slower.

Camera Lens Protectors

-Most lens protectors are less durable than the lens they protect.
-They can interfere with photo quality due to extra layers.
-Some users opt for them for style, but they can easily detach.

Camera Covers

-Adding a cover is cumbersome and often unnecessary.
-Cameras are durable; prioritizing their protection over other phone parts doesn’t make sense.

Camera Lens Attachments

-With iPhones now having multiple lenses, additional attachments can be overkill.
-They are mostly useful for content creators who rely solely on their iPhones.

Screen Protectors

-iPhones have a strong Ceramic Shield, but it can still scratch.
-Screen protectors offer a replaceable barrier against scratches.
-There’s a trade-off between the feel of the phone’s edges and protection.

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