Which is the BEST 3rd Party Apple Watch Strap to buy? | RANKING MY BANDS


In this video, I rank all my third party Apple Watch Ultra bands from least favourite to favourite. I have been using my Apple Watch Ultra 2 since Deptember 2023§§, it’s one of my favourite pieces of tech, and I’ve been building out my collection of bands since then. I have six different types of band, and today I’m ranking them from six to one. I explain what I like and dislike about each of the bands. If you’re like me, and you love getting new straps for your Apple Watch, and changing up your look, then this video is worth your time. If you disagree with my choices and the order in which I’ve ranked these bands, please let me know. I’d love to hear which order you’d put these bands in.

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These bands have all been sent to me for review / unboxing purposes, but I really enjoy wearing them. I haven’t paid any money for these bands, but I have NOT been paid to review any of them either.

You can check out all of these bands online below!

Distinct Concept Grey Epsom leather band with Butterfly clap – €112
Link: https://www.distinctconcept.com/collections/the-ultra-series

Distinct Concept Brown Horween leather band – €102
Link: https://www.distinctconcept.com/products/copy-of-apple-watch-band-horween-chromecxcel-leather-heritage-series

Robust Goods Titanium band (T01) – $80
Link: https://robustgoods.com/products/titanium-band-for-apple-watch

Robust Goods Sport Band – $35
Link: https://robustgoods.com/products/rugged-sports-watch-band

Robust Goods Leather Strap (R01) – $100
Link: https://robustgoods.com/products/leather-strap-r01

Benks Silicone magnetic band – €17
Link: https://www.benks.com/collections/apple-watch-accessories/products/magnetic-silicone-watch-band-for-apple-watch-42-44-45-49-mm

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