I Tested 20+ USB-C Cables – Here’s My Top 5 Cables For The iPhone 15


In today’s video, we’re diving deep into the world of USB-C cables for the iPhone 15. After rigorous testing, I’ve ranked over 20 cables based on Price, USB Type, Build Quality, Charge Speeds, Data Transfer Speeds, Cable Length, and any additional features.

Here’s my Top 5 (w/Amazon links):

1. Mophie Fast Charge USB-C 3.1 to USB-C 3.1 Charging Cable – https://mreh.ca/3ti1LzU
2. Amazon Basics Double Braided Nylon USB-C 3 Cable – https://mreh.ca/3tpfrZR
3. FasGear USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 Cable – https://mreh.ca/46cYtN1
4. Cable Matters 10Gpbs USB C to USB C Monitor Cable – https://mreh.ca/3Q2EKKn
5. Anker Powerline III – https://mreh.ca/45gdOef

In this video:

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5:10 USB-C Cable Red Flags

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🔹 Why USB-C for iPhone?
Apple’s transition from the lightning cable to USB-C was a significant move. However, the USB-C market can be quite chaotic, making it hard for consumers to find a good product without proper guidance.

🔹 Value for Money? Not Always!
Interestingly, USB-C cables are one of the few product categories where the price doesn’t always dictate quality.

🔹 Ranking Breakdown:

1. Mophie Fast Charge USB-C 3.1 to USB-C 3.1 Charging Cable ($10)

Surprisingly tops the list with its affordability and performance.
USB 3 cable with top-tier data transfer and charge speeds.
Braided design with a sleek metallic head.

2. Amazon Basics Double Braided Nylon USB C ($20)

-Affordable and part of Amazon’s quality basic lineups.
-Unique double braided nylon design.
-Average charge speeds with slower data transfers among USB 3 cables.

3. FasGear USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 Cable (~$15)

-2nd best in data transfer tests.
-Average charging speeds but comes with a braided cable for better handling.
-Metallic head keeps the connector cool.

4. Cable Matters 10Gpbs USB C to USB C Monitor Cable (~$12)

-Superb charging and data transfer speeds.
-Basic design with a slightly tacky rubber coat.
-Distinct cable head shape for easier removal.

5. Anker Powerline III ($15 for 2)

-Best for standard iPhone 15 users.
-Excellent charging capability at an affordable price.
-Rubber-coated for a familiar Apple aesthetic.
-USB 2.0 with decent data transfer speeds, albeit not the fastest.

🔹 Notable Mentions:

Chubby Cable: Expensive but excellent handling.
Apple’s own cables rank lower with the 240W cable at #15 and the 60W cable (included with the iPhone 15) at #18.

🔹 Top Tip:
When shopping for USB-C cables, prioritize the USB version (USB2 or USB3). While USB2 may suffice for standard iPhone 15 users, those with the Pro versions aiming to connect their phones to drives should opt for USB3.

📌 Final Thoughts:
Don’t be swayed by expensive cables with fancy finishes. It’s essential to understand your requirements and make an informed decision.

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